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 We understand that arriving at a chiropractic office for the first time can be nerve racking. If you've never experienced chiropractic care before, you may not know what to expect when you come to our St. Petersburg chiropractic office for the first time. Filling out paperwork, learning new faces, and getting to know your way around the office can be an overwhelming experience. It is out intent to make your initial visit as easy and convenient as possible.

That's why at Thorpe Chiropractic & Rehab Center, our aim is to remove any unnecessary stress or tension and make you feel comfortable during your visit with our chiropractors.


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Want to fill out forms prior to your initial visit or to simply fill our forms in the comfort of you own home? You can! We would like to offer you that opportunity now. By doing this, your time will be used more efficiently. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us 727-328-8442.

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By taking care of your body - it will take care of you. For over 19 years, Thorpe Chiropractic has been focused on taking care of patients and getting them on the correct path!! We offer chiropractic services for everything. From simple back pain to headaches, shoulder to knee problems, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Whether you need a simple adjustment or advanced massage therapy, we are here for you.