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There are all kinds of at-home dermaplaning tools on the market, but the results don’t measure up to a professional dermaplaning treatment conducted by an expert provider. If you’re looking for smoother, brighter skin like you’ve never experienced before, professional dermaplaning might be just the thing for you.

Our licensed aestheticians at Thorpe Chiropractic & Wellness provide dermaplaning in St. Petersburg with care and precision that translates to first-rate results that can’t be replicated at home.



30 minutes

Sessions needed

1 per month

Duration of results

3 to 4 months



What It Treats

Dull skin

Congestion of the pores

Vellus hair

Fine lines & wrinkles

Thorpe Chiropractic and Wellness

Thorpe Chiro is legit. Dr. Thorpe is truly committed to your health and well being. They are engaged with your needs and provide the treatment you require.

– J Brown

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