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Is there a single solution to all your skin concerns?! Probably not, but Morpheus8 microneedling comes pretty close. With the ability to tighten, brighten, and repair skin, the Morpheus8 is a revitalizing wonder.

It’s one of our most popular treatments, and for good reason. As providers of Morpheus8 microneedling in St. Petersburg, FL, our Thorpe Chiropractic and Wellness team are no strangers to its remarkable results.



30 minutes

Sessions needed

2 to 4

Duration of results

1 to 3 years


2 days to 2 weeks

What It Treats

Skin laxity


Acne scars

Fine lines

Uneven skin texture

Uneven skin tone

Stretch marks



Before & After


Thorpe Chiropractic and Wellness

“Is Morpheus8 really worth it? Absolutely. I’ve always felt subconscious about my chin and neck. Thanks to Morpheus and Jamie’s expertise, I now have a renewed sense of confidence. What I love most about the Morpheus treatment is that it’s non-surgical and results were visible almost immediately. I would highly recommend the Morpheus treatment to anyone. It’s a game-changer in the world of aesthetic treatments. I am extremely satisfied with my experience and the results.”

– Hunter H.

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