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A Wellness Clinic for You

Dr. Lorraine Thorpe has always believed in treating the whole person. When she founded Thorpe Chiropractic & Wellness, the focus was on serving the chiropractic needs of the community. We’ve since evolved to better align with her vision and to better support your health and wellbeing in its entirety.

Our multidisciplinary approach is fine tuned to address all aspects of your health, wellbeing, and beauty goals at our wellness clinic in St. Petersburg, FL.

What We Do

We specialize in natural and minimally invasive procedures that lead to optimal results without adverse reactions and side effects.

As the premiere med spa and wellness clinic in St. Petersburg, FL, we provide a wide range of aesthetic treatments, sexual health treatments for men and women, as well as functional wellness and chiropractic care.

A Place To Thrive

The Thorpe Chiropractic & Wellness clinic in St. Petersburg, FL, is designed for your care and comfort. It’s got your name written all over it (figuratively, of course).

Welcome to our relaxing space and to your journey to optimal health!

5144 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33707
We’re located on Central Ave between 51st and 52nd.

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