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Summer Skin Care in St. Petersburg

Getting Your Skin Ready for Summer

March 15, 2024

A woman wearing a towel applied her summer skin care in St. Petersburg

It’s our official nickname: Florida, The Sunshine State! This summer, don’t let it be: Florida, Constant State of Sunburn! 

Your skin matters. It’s what you wear every day, your whole life. Take it from us. At Thorpe Chiropractic and Wellness, we are helping people with skin care every day. We want you to feel radiant in your skin at any age. 

Spring is the best time to start your summer skin care in St. Petersburg. That’s why our team has put together this skin care guide to help you plan for the summer months and protect your skin year-round.

Avoid Sun Damage

Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen is not just for the beach. To protect yourself from the damaging effects of UV rays, you should put on sunscreen anytime you go outside. Make sure your sunscreen is labeled for 30 SPF or more. You can get sunscreen as high as 100 SPF, but this is not necessary. The difference in protection between even 30 SPF and 50 SPF is marginal

Make sure your sunscreen is waterproof, and reapply every 2 hours. 

Cover Up

It may seem counterintuitive to layer up when it’s so hot outside, but covering up with clothing is the best way to protect your skin from the sun. In fact, if you wear the right clothing, you will find it can actually help keep you cool! Opt for tightly woven fabrics, like linen and denim, or synthetic fabrics that block UV rays, such as rayon. You will get the best protection with loose-fitting clothing. 

In addition to sunscreen, wearing a hat with a wide brim will help protect your face. 


Staying hydrated helps your skin release toxins, reduces inflammation, and improves overall skin tone and tightness. Make sure to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and more when you exercise. Drink water consistently throughout the day. Hydration is essential, not just for your skin, but for your whole body health.

Get Your Skin Ready Now 


The spring months are the best times to get your skin ready for summer. Before the sun makes its grand return, stop in to Thorpe Chiropractic and Wellness to start your summer skin care in St. Petersburg. 

Treatments like our chemical peel and Morpheus8 microneedling will get your skin glowing and ready for summer weather. However, these treatments do require downtime out of the sun. Even our other facials and treatments, like exosome therapy, benefit from some advanced planning. It is best to do these treatments in the winter and spring months so you don’t have to miss one second of summer sunshine. 

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