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Plated Exosomes in St. Petersburg

Plated Exosome Therapy

March 8, 2024

White test tubes lined up with plated exosomes in St. Petersburg

What’s an exosome? Exosomes are microscopic messengers that communicate between cells. You can think of them as nano-sized particles that travel between the cells in your skin and influence cellular activity. 

Exosomes are essential proponents of healing, strengthening, and creating balance, and they are located everywhere in the body. They direct the cells to where they are needed most, enabling them to aid in several biological processes, including skin healing and rejuvenation.

Recent breakthroughs in science and aesthetics have discovered that the exceptional properties of exosomes can be used to great effect in skin care. At Thorpe Chiropractic and Wellness, we use Plated exosomes in St. Petersburg for skin rejuvenation

Plated Exosomes

Now, with the knowledge that exosomes are abundant throughout the body, your first thought might be that the exosomes for skin rejuvenation should be taken from the cells responsible for your skin. But an incredible quality of exosomes is that they are exceptionally versatile, and they can be welcomed in any part of your body regardless of their origin.

This means we can use exosomes from the strongest parts of our bodies to elevate our skin health. And few sources are stronger than our blood.

Plated exosomes come from platelets that are found in the blood. These exosomes carry out essential responsibilities, such as regenerating tissue at sites of injury, forming clots to stop excessive bleeding, and keeping inflammation under control. 

When used to aid in skin rejuvenation, Plated exosomes have proven to be very effective because of their ability to speed up tissue growth during skin repair, promote collagen production, and reduce inflammation. They also do a great job of helping your skin protect itself from damage caused by UV rays

Starting Your Exosome Treatment


At Thorpe Chiropractic and Wellness, we use Plated exosomes in St. Petersburg in our skin rejuvenation treatments. We are committed to bringing our clients the very best of cutting-edge treatments for all of their aesthetic needs. 

When you book an appointment with us, you will receive a thorough consultation to make sure we match you with the treatment that will work best for you. We build each of our clients a customized treatment plan to help accomplish your unique wellness goals. Come see if exosome therapy is right for you!

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